Impact .

Something that really makes me mad is when people make there decisions based off of what other’s think . For example there was this rumor going around that i was gay and stuff & a group of my friend’s stopped being my friend , not completely but in public . That hurt me more then anything b/c it’s like they wanted to be my friend they just didn’t want people to know that they were friend’s w/ me . It hurt me for the simple fact that these were people that I’ve known for so long , like I’ve known them since I was just a kid and we built memories , and had good times w/ each other and none of them stood by my side during this hard time , but I was always there for them and supported them through everything . Another thing being gay is not a disease it’s not going to kill you , and all though I’m straight it boggles my mind that gay people are treated horribly b/c of there sexuality , like why judge someone and beat them down so bad just b/c of you don’t agree with something that they do or say or w/e it may be . Not only that but in some people’s heart they know they don’t hate they know that they are caring loving people but like they say society kills the mind , which it does , no one think’s for themselves and expresses individuality ,  and most of all they don’t have the decency to check themselves , and figure out the problems they have going on in there own lives but they’ll pay attention to everyone else’s and this even happen’s in some cases w/ love , even from my own personal experience’s I remember I used to date this one girl , real pretty , real nice , or at least i thought she was , and it was going goof for up about until 3 months then she started letting her friends dictate or relationship and they’d get us to break up , and they’s say thing’s like oh well he’s so sensitive , and when you disrespects him he always try’s to solve it he never get’s smart back , ew he’s this , he dresses so weird . Just all this shit they used to say and it would break us up , and for some odd reason i’d always accept her back and I used to try to tell her ” who cares what they think ” it’s about me and you and she used to just babble on about how she didn’t want to be embarrassed and that’s when i called my quits cause that hurt me more then anything , why would she feel the need to be embarrassed by me b/c of what her friend’s say , if she loved me and really cared for then she’d be w/ me through w/e and this is why i am the way i am now , b/c i just don’t have the confidence , I’ve been beaten down and ridiculed my whole life people have done thing’s and said thing’s to me that hurt me to the deepest core of my sole and that have scared me and almost put a scar on my heart and has impacted me for life , there’s times where i just wish i could drive and get in a car and have infinite fule and just drive and drive and drive and never turn back around to go home , and just drowned in my music and have some time to think and get my self on the right track people don’t realize word’s have an impact and you can change someones whole life by doing and saying one little thing , and there is no reason to try and break someone down b/c you don’t agree with something they do , i just hope i get better and my heart heals b/c as of now I feel as though i’ll never be able to trust again , and i’ll never be able to love again , or rather let myself love again . That’s all I have to say thank’s for reading . 

When people Try and Play victim :

Sooo , i’m sitting here and i reblogg this picture of Chris Brown vs Tyler the Creator , and someone had made the comment that Chris beat’s on women and shit , sooo i’m like okay & tyler worships the devil & so this one girl was like stfu and do your research and all this other shit , so i responded by telling her no there is no research needed to be done it’s all in his music so then this other girl comment’s and tell’s me i’m irrelevant b/c i have a picture of me nude on my blog , and i responded by telling her she’s a fat bitch , Like pretty much everyone of my followers know me by now i’m a nice guy , i dnt start trouble , and i respect everybody regardless of there beliefs and shit like that but when i’m being personally attacked b/c of general statement , what do you want me to do just sit there ? no ! b/c i’m going to defend myself regardless of what anyone say’s and then the thing that get’s me is they go out of there merry way to respond to me in defense of some one they dnt know and most likely will never meet , people need to learn how to mind there business , or just dnt look at what i blog or have to say , you don’t have to like me or but you need to respect me and my opinions and not only that but i’m a pretty open minded guy , somebody could have just messaged me instead of insulting me and i would have gladly removed the comment if it was something that was offending somebody . people now and day’s smh , so now i’m being attacked by a bunch of anon’s and crazy people b/c of a general statment , not that i give a fuck , but like comon ’ . 

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