falling inlove with someone in a relationship is not a good thing to do . . 

it sucks that no matter what i do, i will never be able to have you at least not now, & now is when i want you the most. it feels absolutely horrible to know that i’ll never be able to compete with him . . i mean i can’t lie he treats you great, but if i ever had the chance i would try my best to do better, i’d get a summer job and buy all the things he buy’s for you and even more. i have a tendency to be hardheaded and stubborn but babe i listen to you, i wanna do what you say b/c i know it makes you happy . . and you just had to live next door too, didn’t you, so now i’m stuck with seeing you with him everyday & it hurts so bad, everyday i hear his car come down the street i look out the window just to see you, and you look so happy & i would never want to ruin that, that’s why i’m going to leave you alone b/c that’s what’s right but i’ll never stop loving you <3 

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